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by Robert Hess
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Did you know the top one percent of salespeople in 23 industries earn more than the average CEO. Have you noticed that your business only has one or two salespeople that consistently out sell every other salesperson by double the amount?

Controlling your staff’s sales pitches to customers is virtually impossible. Every salesperson has their own ideas and sales pitch. This is why the sales force automation tool is a benefit to your business. With this sales automation software, you can take control of your sales presentations and increase profits and sales.

Presentation tools were original designed to aid the sales staff using an old-fashioned projector and a large projection screen. This new hybrid automated webinar software, focuses on sales quality control, closing sales and collecting payment. State-of-the-art marketing automation platform for tracking clientele and follow-up sales for your business.  This technology is interactive in real time and you can participate if you so choose. Business automation software of this caliber will increase sales and crush your competition while working for you 24/7.

Below are some reasons why your salespeople fail. This information is based on my 25 years of sales management experience and intensive sales training. Good sales professionals are appreciated and admired for providing excellent and professional service. Selling is the study of human nature. Salesperson has two jobs; the first job is to get the check from the customer. The second job, if they fail to get the check, is to know exactly why they have failed. These two things sound simple enough but are very complex.

Most salespeople do the direct opposition to how the top 1% sells.

1. Most salespeople bring their personal problems to work. Good sales people know how to eliminate all problems once at work and be 100% focused while selling.

2. Most salespeople do not attend sales training programs, take notes during sales meetings, study or have read any material on the art of selling or human nature studies. They think they know everything about sales or have such big egos that they ignore all advice.

3. Most salespeople do not prospect efficiently/effectively. Most spend too much time preparing for sales or hanging around the office/goofing off and expecting sales to happen automatically.

4. Most salespeople concentrate too much on the money they have made for the current sale vs. the set hours that they should be spending each day aggressively selling or prospecting to keep their sales funnel full.

5. Most sales people do not review the basics or the advanced selling techniques they have learned on a daily or weekly basis.

6. Most salespeople do not consistently ask for the sale or bring their prospect to “Yes”.

7. Most sales people do not follow-up with a prospect. Sometimes it may take as many as 6 contacts with a prospect before they buy.

8. Most sales people do not know how to mirror image, be sincere, smile, compliment, build rapport or trust with a client. If a client does not trust your salesperson or is not handled professionally, the client will never buy from you.

9. Most salespeople are not disciplined to handle time-management daily nor do they prepare/schedule for the next day the night before.

10. Most salespeople believe that their primary function is to persuade and convince prospects to buy. They utilize manipulative persuasion tactics, which most prospects resent. That creates sales resistance and results in low closing ratios. Product and price are not the first reasons why a customer decides to make a purchase.

11. Most salespeople do not know how to separate out the buyers from the non-buyers and therefore waste massive time with non-buyers.

12. Most salespeople do not listen to what the client wants or needs, which equates to lost sales.

13. Most salespeople do not understand the buying or negotiation process. They just drop the price on the product even before they get a response back from a customer. Sometimes a client simply needs a financial payment option. Creative financing always comes before a price drop.

14. Most sales people over complicate or prolong the buying process. 68% of most prospective customers cannot make a buying decision. It is up to the salesperson to make the buying decision for them.

15. Most sales people do not close the sale. They do not ask for the money. Closing the sale is a continuous negotiation loop. (If you want to have fun with your sales staff have them try this: After they build rapport with the customer have them give a partial sales pitch in 30 seconds and then simply ask for the money or payment, 6 or 10 times in different ways.  No matter what the customer says, the salesperson must only ask for the money, your sales staff will learn from this sales training exercise and the results are interesting).

16. Most sales people do not carry enough closing sales ammunition. While listening, and talking to the client they need to have enough sales ammunition, (like arrows in a quiver), to constantly and politely always bring the negotiation conversation back to closing, even if they must do it 10-15 times or more. This includes any general conversation or conversations that target over coming objections with a client. All negotiation conversation is a loop back to closing the deal. If the customer says no and is still looking at the product they are a buyer. A no, is a maybe. Never take “no” for an answer!

17. Sales Team: Negativity cannot be tolerated! Negativity inside of a sales team will spread like wildfire! Any negativity cannot be tolerated and your sales team should be told this on a daily or weekly basis.

18. Most sales people do not meet or care about daily goal setting. Poor time management skills, negativity and poor work ethic is a major contributor to lack luster sales performance. What salespeople fail to realize is, if they were to focus on their work and reach their daily goals, they would make more money for their families and then most of their daily problems/negativity would disappear. Good sales people reward themselves daily, in small ways to keep up the positive momentum. They also routinely exercise to build positive endorphins.

Final sales tips:

Remember sales is a contact sport! Enthusiasm sells! Always assume the sale!

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