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Robert Hess CEO: Online International
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Robert Hess: About

Twenty-three years of illustrated accomplishments and extensive know-how in a variety of areas encompassing: Advertising; Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development/Ownership; Financial Services Sales; Marketing and Manufacturing Sales administration; Specialty Speaker; Expert Author; Offset Printing; Developing/Servicing Accounts/Sales; CEO Advertising and Marketing SEO Industry; CEO in the Food Wholesale/Retail Industry; and Sales Management. In addition to management/sales management experience; Rob has outstanding customer service skills and developing/fulfilling business objectives; skills. Rob’s ability and diligent effort for outstanding communication and the development/establishment of his responsibility toward/trust from his clients/employees/employers have lead to his thriving expert career in highly diversified fields.

Through Rob’s years in Lithography; developing and servicing clients accounts such as: National Geographic; People; Time Life and Newsweek Magazines; “Revlon Co.” Beauty Products; “Estee Lauder”;  Toyota; Bantam Books; to list a few: Rob’s creative, thriving ability/effort in developing and servicing these accounts/clients; which is to target objectives dynamically and to prioritize desired/expected/needed results; and then act constructively/creatively with vision of propose,  as to what can be implemented make the business/product brand/service even better and more dynamic/profitable and successful!

Rob and our company look forward to the opportunity of working with your business; which, for us, is a unique and rewarding opportunity in which to develop/create/service accounts’; clients’; and your business’ challenges/goals/expectations/objectives and product branding; with Rob’s and our company’s creative/dynamic/innovative/visionary input and management/branding marketing skills.

Rob’s and our company’s strengths and experience will provide SEO advantages/benefits/higher profits/success for your online business and will enhance/create/implement an advanced dynamic and strategic role with your business! Should your business have a need for an executive with Rob’s qualifications in Advanced SEO and Product Branding Services; our business would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you how Rob’s and our company’s experience will help to make your company even more productive/dynamic/profitable and successful! *Thank You For Considering Our Company!* *We Look Forward To A Dynamic/Successful Future Endeavor Servicing Your Company*

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Robert Hess: Blog:  Expert Author/Creator of: We the People Speak -Blog

Rob’s empathy for understanding of the status of hard-working Americans through his experience and his desire for more effective/purposeful and viable connection with hard-working Americans is invaluable to enable and enhance hard-working Americans’ ability to diligently/demonstrate/work and vote for their own best interests. Fight to return America to its foundation: Facts are that hard-working Americans; Not the corrupt/connected/powerful and wealthy; built America! And have lead us hard-working Americans to the creation of We The People Speak; Blog.

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http://www.OnlineInternationalMarketingConsultants.Com                                                                         http://www.LaserStarIndustries.Com                                                                                                 http://www.WeThePeopleSpeakHere.Com

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