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Webinars are the number one most powerful online sales tool in the marketplace today.

Business presentations for product branding. Sales presentations with sales force automation control. Using online presentation software is a necessity in today’s market place. BPOE (Best Presentation On Earth) Is the newest state-of-the-art effective sales presentations tool. High-Tech webinar software makes set-up a breeze. This new marketing automation sales system encompasses every possible sales presentation scenario.  Presentation’s templates are available in a wide variety with this hybrid-integrated platform.


Automated Presentation Services

(BPOE) Best Presentation On Earth Hybrid Software features can turbo-charge your business!

Here are a few features:

* Create and deliver the perfect sales pitch that will highlight your brand or service.

* Make more sales with less sales staff.

* Profit generating software that works 24/7 in any time zone.

* Prospect professional follow-up that is never missed.

* Brand yourself as a market/industrial leader.

* Automated question and answer period in real time with or without your presence or
have a real time chat option that is included.

* Automated software will conduct polls to engage your attendees.

* You can do all the set-up yourself! Conduct business training’s, business webinars, video newsletters and sales presentations. This software comes with a detailed video explanation for each step of the set-up.

* We can provide complete set-up and script for an additional fee.


Additional Services For Website Platforms  Include:

Web Design: 

We will create your site with advanced SEO techniques and design strategies that get results.

The majority of designers are not online internet marketers, they are designers.

We design sites with your companie’s profit picture in mind.

Advanced SEO Services:

We are the best SEO experts when it comes to ranking high in search results for your website.

We know how to implement SEO strategies from the basic platform to the finished product.

We will get your site ranked so you can generate huge profits.

Website Maintenance:

We will take of all SEO phases to ensure you get the traffic you demand.

Maintaining your site is the most important part of our customer service. We look after

your site as if we owned it ourselves.


WordPress Picture Automated Presentation



Services Offered Through Online International Marketing Consultants

  • Strategic Plans
  • Marketing Planning
  • Branding Enhancement
  • Image Perception Assessment


  • Print Ad Development Consultation
  • Site Design Format Development Specialist Service
  • Supervision of Final Offset Lithography Production Service
        Collateral  Development:
  • Corporate Identity
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentation Material
  • How to Product Launch
  • How to Capture Targeted Leads
  • Sales Conversion Rate Analysis

         Sales Consultation Services:

  •  Sales Team Coaching/Mentoring Service
  •  (CRM) Customer Relationship Management
  •  Specialty Guest Speaker

         Video Production:

  • Video Production for Websites: Facility Tour,                                                                                          Staff Interview and Product Branding
  •  Two hour Minimum: Rate $265 Per Hour
  •  Editing Services 
  •  Script: Consultation Service


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